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About Us


About Aushnlife

AushnLife’s integrated business model enables us to cater to business opportunities throughout the value chain, from procurement to delivery of materials across all segments. Our niche product basket help us to maintain an edge over our peers. Our company is driven by a highly competent and motivated team, which add value to our partners in all the key domains of API, Intermediates, Nutraceuticals and Pellets.

Our strong world-wide presence enables us to connect you to your ideal long-term business partners. We provide professional support with end-to-end solution including:

            – Regulatory support          – Quality support

 – Procurement                       – Marketing

We have established a global-level documentation structure to ensure harmonized processes and strategies throughout the organization. This enables planning, monitoring, and facilitating continuous improvement of product quality supporting regulatory compliance.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the unmatched leader in imparting quality and consistent services in the field of pharmaceutical raw material

Why Choose Us

We strive for excellence in our demeanor and keep our endeavor towards client contentment

Unmatched Quality

We’re unmatched in quality and appeal across our wide range of  leading products that have helped us to shape our industry

Wide Distribution Network

Benefits of our wide distribution network is reduced costs, more transparency and collaboration, wider customer reach and faster Growth

Strong Logistical Support

Our strong logistics support include packages that support day-to-day logistical operations. In order to best manage your processes

Good Client Service

We ensure to keep our valuable clients happy and always being responsive to full fill their needs and wants

Timely Delivery

We have the ability of fulfilling the clients shipment order within the period of promised delivery date

Ethical Business Practices

We are committed to increasing access to high-quality healthcare by developing & marketing affordable pharmaceutical products